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Sleep Diary

This essential tool should be filled in on a daily basis to track sleeping patterns as well as daily activities that could affect your sleep quality and routine. It is important to be commited to completing the diary as honestly as possible. This will be used in each of the sessions to review and progress into the next week.


- Add date in at the top of each column

- Each starts at midday and each box represents 1 hour

- Add the  relevant letter to a box if any of the following occur within the hour:

  • C if you take any stimulant drinks like coffee, tea, coke

  • A for each alcoholic drink

  • S when you smoke

  • E when you exercise

  • B when you go to bed

  • O when you get out of bed

  • T if you take sleeping tablets

  • D if you take recreational drugs

- Shade all the boxes when you think you were sleeping. Shade half boxes for any period between 15 to 45min.

Other Sleep Disorders

With the information collected during the assessment we can determine if this is the right therapy for you and  rule out other Sleep Disorders such as Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, Period Limb Movement Syndrome or Narcolepsy.

If CBTi is not recommended for you, we will guide you in the right direction so you can get the support you need.

Click in the button below to download the Sleep Disorders Symptoms checklist.


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