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Our 30 minute sleep consultation is an opportunity to discuss your concerns and issues regarding your sleep quality - or lack of it. This is the time to meet your therapist, and to confirm CBTI will be beneficial in addressing your problems. We will exclude conditions other than insomnia that may be interfering with your sleep, and if there is a suspicion of other sleep disorders, we will point you in the right direction to get help. We will discuss how we personalise the CBTI course to best address your needs, and ensure you  are comfortable with our treatment plan.

If you have already decided that CBTI is right for you, then please select a course and proceed without this initial consultation.

​CBTI course A includes 4 x 60 minute video consultations scheduled approximately every two weeks. The first session starts with a focus on understanding your sleeping problems, triggers, medication, and other relevant history. We will also exclude conditions other than insomnia that may be interfering with your sleep. A sleep diary is introduced, and this is an important tool used throughout your therapy journey. After each consultation, we will have a scheduled 10-minute telephone call to check progress and support you with any questions or concerns. We will plan your therapy journey together, by considering your specific sleeping problem and deciding which of the CBTI components suits you better at each stage. Your progress through therapy, and the content of each appointment, will focus on your specific needs.

CBTI course B is an extended course of 6 x 60 minute video consultations, and 6 x 10 minute telephone consultations. This extended course is likely to be required if you have suffered with chronic insomnia over a longer period, perhaps many years, and are likely to need some extra help along your therapy journey. It is difficult to predict at the outset which is the better choice for you. Course B offers a discounted price per session, but of course you may not need all 6 sessions. To ensure best value, you can transfer from Course A by paying the difference between the fees. If you have completed the Sleep Consultation session, you will have had the opportunity to discuss your situation, and will be in the position to make a more informed choice between Course A and Course B.

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