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The Sleep Report - Overview

The sleep report you receive is in the format expected by a sleep professional. It is a moderately complicated report, and will be used by a sleep physician, together with your medical history, symptoms, list of medications, and all other relevant information. The explanations and examples below should never replace the advice form a sleep specialist, but you should be able to decide, based on the report, on the next steps to take to address your OSA concerns.

10 minute sleep example apnoeas and desa.png
Sample from RESP report 2020-06-22 151334.png
Sleep report page 1 image.png
Respiratory Report Annotated.png
Positional Report Annotated.png
Oximetry Report Annotated.png
Snoring and HRV Annotated Report.png
The Raw Data Report for Annotation.png
Summary Graphic for Annotation.png
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