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How to Sleep Well with Michael Mosley - BBC Horizon

As part of the BBC's Horizon's series, an episode was aired on the 31st March 2022 dedicated to teaching people how they can sleep better.

"A third of the population regularly struggle with our sleep, which rose to one in two during the pandemic - the highest it's ever been. However, as more and more people seek help, an explosion in sleep science is enabling the study of sleep in ways not possible before. What's more, recent breakthroughs are uncovering what's happening in our brains and bodies while we're asleep, getting us closer than ever to understanding the importance of sleep for our health.

Michael Mosley has struggled with his sleep for years and wants to know if the latest insights can help him and the millions like him. He discovers why cutting our sleep short can be linked to a host of illnesses, including serious diseases like Alzheimer’s. Putting his own sleeping brain and body to the test, Michael signs up for two revealing experiments: wearing a new device that maps his sleep and allows scientists to see how it measures up to an ideal night, and taking part in a sleep deprivation experiment, where he is confronted by the fact that just one sleepless night impacts his cognitive performance.

Revealing the very latest science breakthroughs and packed with personal anecdotes, this programme is a very useful guide to anyone looking for tops and insights on how to get the benefits from learning how to sleep well."

Check out the link below to watch the 1 hour episode of "How to Sleep Well with Michael Mosley" on the BBC iPlayer:

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