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Home Sleep Test

Sleep staging at home

The Home Sleep Test (HST) device is a cost effective, easy to use at-home sleep screening device used to record sleep stages, sleep disturbances and resulting sleep fragmentation by cortical arousals. Thanks to it’s compact design and minimal wiring, the application is very simple. The HST reliably records EEG, EOG, EMG, impedance, ambient light, activity, position and sound for snoring detection.

HST - Efficient & affordable sleep screening 


  • Objective determination of sleep stages

  • Recording of EEG/EOG, EMG, continuous impedance, light, activity, position, sound (snoring)

  • Easy application in the patient’s home 

  • Detection of cortical arousals and sleep fragmentation

  • Cloud based analysis software, AASM-compliant analysis and report templates (encrypted data transfer)

  • Recording of multiple nights 

Diagnosis of chronic Insomnia requires poor quality of sleep and sleep duration along with other  symptoms that last ≥ 3 nights a week for a period longer than 3 months. 

With a recording time of up to 36 hours, the HST device allows for a 3 night recording to assess sleeping patterns and potentially rule out other sleep disorders. Our specialists can access the data from the server, and in case of failure, a repeat can be performed without having to return the device as the HST can charged in only 2 hours, ready for its next operation.

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